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Organic Trade General Purpose/Underturf Soil

Tradies choice for Turf Prep/Turf Underlay, also suitable for general planting. A blend of mineral soil, compost, sands, and compost. This soil has good drainage properties and with minimal slumping it is ideal to give your lawn the start it deserves. AS4419:2003 compliant ensuring a positive result.

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Organic Trade Garden Blend Soil

Tradies choice for garden beds, this organic soil has excellent drainage properties. A blend of mineral soil, aged compost, 50% blended with chicken manure enriched compost, coal ash and selected sands. This premium economy blend is fully AS4419:2003 compliant and will give your garden a well deserved start in life.

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Premium Organic Garden Soil

The ultimate Organic Garden Soil. This soil is a blend of chicken manure enhanced screened compost, pasteurised loam, selecitvely graded sands and graded horticultural ash. This soil has excellent drainage is compliant with Australian Standard AS4419:2003. This physically stable soil will provide deep route growth and is ideal for most forms of home gardening, including flower beds and veggie gardens. Give your garden the start it really needs.

Premium Overturf

Premium Organic OverTurf

Composed of Premium iron rich sands, chicken manure enriched sawdust compost. With a pH close to neutral, this fine screened soil with balanced nutrients is perfect to top dress or as a seed raising mixture. This soil will not crust or compact so drainage is outstanding. Complies with AS4419:2003 and is the best way to spruce up your lawn.

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Organic Sandy Top Dressing 

Blended specifically for use on your prized lawn. Mix comprises 80% fertile alluvial sandy loam and 20% finely ground organic matter. Your turf will get a kick start with this blend.

Screened alluvial soil

Natural Alluvial Sandy Loam

Low in phosphorus but high in nutrient. Ideal for ground levelling or as a base for your gardens. Use this product for under and over turf, with its high sand content, it  ensures good drainage with minimum compaction.

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