We supply a wide varity of sands, from bedding sand through to certified soft fall sand. There are a multitude of sand products available to us which includes:

  • Bedding Sand
  • Brickies Loam
  • Bioretention sand with or without organics
  • Manufactured Sand (Quarry produced)
  • Playground Sand (Certified to AS4422)
  • US PGA Golf Turf Sand
  • Dried Synthetic Turf Sand (Bulk)
  • Sports Turf Sand
  • Medium and Coarse washed River Sands

Other products which are commonly used as sand substitutes include:

  • Concrete crusher dust
  • Quarried crusher dust
Soft Fall Sand

Soft Fall Sand - Kindy Sand Pit Sand 

A blend of sand which compiles with AS4422 and is supplied with a certificate of compliance for use in commercial and private playgrounds and sand pits. This sand is designed to assist with reduction of injuries from falls when installed as per the Australian Standard.

USPGA Certified Golf Course Sand

US PGA Golf Course Sand

This sand is commonly supplied as top dressing for sporting fields and golf courses.

Coarse Washed Sand

Coarse Washed Sand

This sand is commonly supplied for use in septic treatment fields to improve water flow and absorption. Also very popular for home sand pits given it’s coarse granual size which doesn’t stick to the skin as much as finer sands. This sand is also quite popular for horse arenas and round yards.

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