Pine Blends

Certified Soft Fall Mulch

Ceftified Soft Landing Bark

Soft Landing or Soft Fall mulch is a specialist product manufactured from Slash Pine bark to stringent Australian Standards of use as Playground Surfacing. Designed to provide a soft material to insulate the child from impact with the ground surface.

This mulch is for use as Playground Surfacing, for planning design, construction or maintaining a playground consult the following Australian Standards:

  • AS4685:2004 Parts 1-6
  • AS/NZS4486.1:1997
  • AS/NZS4422:1996
25mm Slash pine mulch

Slash Pine Mulch

Slash pine is an attractive, decorative mulch, warm red colour and nuggety in appearance. Represses weeds and assists with moisture retention. Available in Kiddie  15, 25, 50mm sizes.


IMG 0020

Hoop Pine Mulch

Hoop Pine Mulch is a fantastic mulch, ideal for sloping areas as the bark particles twist and mat together. This mulch is unlikely to blow or wash away, but still allows air flow to the soil as well as excellent water retention. The tan colour will work with most colour schemes. 

Australian Standards are available from

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