We supply a variety of mulches As our delivery is directly from the producer, we have a minimum order of 10M3. The most economical volumes are a full truck at 18M3 or 42M3 for truck and dog trailer delivery.

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Mulch will enhance the look of any garden, retain moisture, enhance plant growth and stop weeds. In addition, it assists with preventing soil erosion and keeping your soil cool in summer and warm in winter. The organic mulch will compost over time releasing nutrients into your soil, adding to the health of your plants. This product is an absolute must for finishing off your landscaping project.

Please click on the links below for the mulch variety of your choice:

Cypress Bark & Mulch        

Pine Blend Mulches

We no longer supply 'Forest Mulch' due to quality issues from multiple suppliers. Forest Mulch is generally produced from green waste, which is shredded to produce mulch. Green waste also contains other timbers like fence palings, pallets, other building timbers and a small percentage of rubbish. 

Our Pine and Cypress mulches are sourced from Tier 1 producers, who produce mulch for the purpose of Mulching.  

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