Road Base

What is Road Base?

Road Base is a blend of Gravel and fine material which, when compacted will form a hard surface with a high level of mechanical strength.

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Road Base Range:

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Understanding Road Base Specifications

Road building materials are available in a range of specifications, this can cause confusion as it is common for Road Base to be advertised at a single product which is far from accurate.

MRD 2.3 Bluemetal Roadbase

MRD 23 bluemetal roadbase

Queensland Department of Main Roads has a specification structure which is arrived at after a set of tests. These tests are comprised of a range of requirements including rates of expansion/movement, water absorption, mechanical strength and compaction. There are three products commonly supplied which comply with these standards. They are Main Road Dept (MRD) 2.5, 2.3, and 2.1, the common aggregate size is 26.5mm minus and this is shown as MRD 2.5c, 2.3c, and 2.1c.
Generically, road building materials are classified by a CBR or California Bearing Ratio. This is a penetration test to evaluate the mechanical strength of road sub-grades and base courses. This measurement was developed by the California Department of Transport and is now a common form of rating Road Base material. Basically, the higher the CBR rating, the harder the surface. As an example, Top Soil has a CBR rating of 5, moist sand is around CBR10 where a high quality crushed rock (like Blue Metal) has a CBR rating well above CBR80.

What does this mean to you? - The higher the CBR rating the less movement or compaction when vehicles are driven over the roadway or in another term, the higher rated material will require less thickness to produce a good stable, and strong road surface. Queensland Transport require minor roads to have a minimum thickness of 200mm for light vehicle use comprising of a sub base minimum of CBR35 (100mm) and a base minimum of CBR60 (100mm).

The Main Road Specifications include the CBR rating along with several other requirements. This means that a MRD2.5c product will out perform a product which only has a CBR15 rating, even though MRD2.5c has the same CBR qualification.

We supply direct from the quarry to you. For pricing please call or email us. The materials above come from several different quarries. When you contact us please indicate your colour preference as we will by default supply you with the most cost effective options to meet your specification.

Please note that many advertisers of "Road Base" will be pricing either an un-specified product called “Scalps”, which is not measured against any specification, or a product which only complies with CBR15.

Crusher Dust

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Quarry Crusher Dust

Clean Compactable Select Fill

The base foundation for any pad or road. To ensure quality we only supply clean select fill from quarries. Our clean fill is consistent and will compact evenly over the whole job. Also we are a Fire Ant approved Business so we are conscious of what we deliver, ensuring that you get a quality outcome.

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