Announcement Dated 16/06/2019


Hi Folks,

Recent health events affecting my wife have resulted in a need to reconsider our priorities. This consideration has been accelerated by an opportunity to sell the truck at cost, an opportunity under the circumstances too good to refuse.

The recent hospitalisation of my wife highlighted where my priorities have been wrong for a number of years. The de-prioritising of family responsibilities in favour of the business, is no longer acceptable. The burden of running a small business in the retail arena is just too great. I can no longer justify working 16-17 hours a day to provide the services that I have provided since 2008.

My wife has become victim to a degenerative disease, she will not get better, only worse, something has to give. Those who know me, know that I’m a family first at any cost.

As such, I have decided to hang up the “Closed” sign on PacSpi Bulk Landscape Supplies.

With the end of the financial year near, and with the final terms of the truck sale underway, if I shut the doors now, I can clean up the business this financial year. To that effect there will be no more deliveries effective immediately.

To my loyal and long-term customers, I apologise. I’m am sorry.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who donated to this years MS Qld charity event the Brissie to the Bay 100km ride. Together we raised $1500 for this very worthy cause.

Warm Regards,


Peter Evans

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