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We provide a wholesale type approach to landscape supplies, delivering in bulk directly from the producer. Please browse the web site, if you have any queries either ring or fill in the contact us form.

Mack Granite Truck and Dog

About Us
PacSpi Transport is a small family owned company located in Acacia Ridge on Brisbane's south side. We offer a wholesale direct approach to landscaping supplies, specializing in bulk deliveries in excess of five tonne/m3. 

When we receive your order we search out the best quarry to suit your requirement and supply the material directly from this location to your site. By utilizing multiple quarries we are able to supply the best product for the best price. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:         Where do you bring the product from?
A:         We currently source our products from 38 Quarries and Producers scattered all over SEQ and Northern NSW, we do not hold stock, we deliver directly from the source to the job site. We source the material from the most logical/cost effective location for your individual requirement, to minimize your costs.

Q:         How do I know that you’re supplying a quality product?
A:         We only supply from main stream quarries, if the product is quoted with a specification it will meet that specification (i.e. organic soil and AS4419, roadbase Main Road Spec 2.1, etc). If you are concerned with the quality please mention this to the driver before he tips the load so you can inspect it. 

Q:         What time do you operate, and when will you deliver our order?
A:         We operate Monday to Friday, our working day starts around 5AM in the morning, our ‘office hours’ are 6:30AM to 5:00PM. We keep the trucks on the road until the day’s deliveries are completed, usually this will have the last delivery on site between 3:00 to 4:30PM. We schedule your delivery with you at time of ordering to suit your needs. We do our best to meet this agreed time, however quarry, site and traffic delays can sometimes make it challenging. If we are late we will call.

Q:         What is the minimum delivery?
A:         We will supply any amount you require, however we only use full size Tipper Trucks, our delivery cost is the same for 1M3 or for a full truck. Our product pricing is based on the quarry pricing, not inflated by retail facility costs so the more you order the cheaper the overall cost becomes (to full load). As a general rule our pricing is cheaper than the retail outlets for quantities above 4-6M3. If you require less than this, we suggest that a retail landscape supply yard will be better suited to fill your requirements.

Q:         How much can your trucks carry?
A:         Our body trucks, are 18m3 in volume and can carry a little over 13 tonnes. Truck and Dog combination is 42m3 and can carry 32-33.5 tonnes. The weight of the product will dictate the volume we can deliver per load. Our PBS Truck and dog combinations have 3 Axle trailers, with the same or greater load capacity (General Access - all roads) than a four axle Quad Dog (like our competitors) and can be turned around in a typical culdesac.

Q:         Where will you deliver?
A:         We will deliver to anywhere, but as a general rule most of our customers are within 150 KM of Brisbane. Prices quoted on the Promotion Page are for delivery within the Brisbane and Ipswich City council boundaries.

Q:         What access do you need?
A:         For access we need 3.6M height clearance, 3.0M width (mirror to mirror) 2.6M width (below 1.5M i.e. gate width), and our trucks are 9.0M long, Truck and Dog 19m.  For tipping we need an area which the truck is level (side to side) and approximately 7.5M clear head room (power lines, house eves, trees, etc.). If you’re unsure please call us to discuss, as we usually can work something out. 

Q:         What about Fire Ants?

A:         We have all appropriate measures in place to gain the Bio-Security Queensland “Fire Ant Approved Business” certification. We supply material in accordance with the requirements set out by the authority, to ensure that we don’t spread these little nasties.

Q:         What is your delivery charge?
A:         Our delivery charge is calculated on the time, distance and tolls from the source quarry to your job site, thus it is customized to minimize your expense. We do not have a token amount for delivery like most retail landscape suppliers, who have built in most of the cartage cost in the product fee. We don’t normally separate our delivery fee from our product price, the quoted amount is the product delivered, and includes GST.

Q:         How do I pay for our purchase?
A:         Please pay our driver, our fleet is equipped with mobile EFTPOS facilities, accepting Visa and Master Cards and we will even accept cash, a Tax Invoice is supplied upon Payment.

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